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Welcome to the AEC Bus Site
Putting AEC buses on the web since 2000

Last updated 27th September 2015

Recent updates

27-Sep-2015: AECs in Service updated
27-Sep-2015: Preserved AECs page updated
31-Aug-2015: AECs at the Rallies page updated

09-Jul-2015: Messageboard updated: Reliance for sale; Buses wanted for event in Kent

AEC of the month

London Transport bought 33ft. and 36ft. versions of the AEC Swift, with Park Royal and Metro-Cammell bodywork. They were relatively unsuccessful, with sometimes suspect reliability, while the longer ones had difficulty manoevouring through the heavy traffic. One of a dwindling number in service, SMS362 was seen at Uxbridge in July 1980. Stockley Park was already a feature of destination blinds at that time, even before pharmaceutical giant Glaxo moved their sales and marketing operation to the site. The AEC Swift was much more successful outside of London, and 60 of the London ones were exported to Malta where they had successful and quite long-lived careers with many still in use up until July 2011 when the new regime took over.

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