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AECBus Messageboard

This is the AEC Bus messageboard. To leave a message on the message board please email . Messages will be reviewed and posted in the next update.

When replying to messages please copy to the above address so I can compile useful information for future readers. Correspondents' email addresses are not hyperlinked so you should type or copy/paste them into your email client.

27th February 2017
Verheul bodied AECs available for possible preservation

AEC Verheuls MZU 878 and KZU 452 formerly with O's Coaches, County Antrim are still in existence and may be available for preservation. They will require some considerable work as both have been subject to vandalism in the past. If you have any serious interest please contact me and I can put you in contact with the owner.

16th November 2016
"REGENT" grill badge

I am a volunteer working on an AEC Regent 5 (E1) for the Merseyside Transport Trust and am trying to get hold of a "REGENT" grill badge & wonder if you might have any contacts that could help in acquiring one. Bob Knapman,
[Small picture shows what it should look like and lareg picture the location where it's missing from.]


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